Joe Biden don't Really Want a $15.00 Minimum Wage

I agree that Biden is a moderate democrat. In fact, during the primaries, he assured his wealthy corporate donors that "Nothing will fundamentally change." However, after securing the nomination, Biden made several progressive promises and concessions to bolster support and not repeat 2018. A $15.00 minimum wage was the most salient promise made to voters; understandably so since the push for a minimum wage hike has most Americans' support. Over 80% of Americans believe the current federal minimum wage is too low, and over 60% of registered voters support a $15.00 minimum raise. Despite our political ideology, Republican, Independent, and Democrat voters support this change. Even Florida, a state that voted to reelect Donald Trump, voted 60.82% to 39.18% to support the initiative to increase the state's $15.00 minimum wage.

My frustration is rooted in the fact that many politicians repeatedly make promises they know to be popular with their supporters only to abandon their commitments once elected. My argument is that whenever someone from the opposing party breaks a campaign promise, we are quick to point it out but seldom follow the same protocol when it is the party with whom we are politically affiliated. If a policy is important enough to campaign on, then you should be fighting for it. Biden's rhetoric of Trump being a destructive element is not sufficient to ignore critical promises, despite my overwhelming joy and appreciation for some form of normality and calm after Trump. For four years, I've heard Democrats complained about the wealth gap in America, and when given, the administration is hiding in the bushes. We cannot afford to be hypocritical. All elected officials should be held responsible. Like you said " It is awful to break campaign promises, and even worse that the American people accept is as 'eh, that’s just politics!'”

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