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Digital Photography

Certificate in

This course provides fundamental and specialty skills for achieving success in the growing field of photography and related professions.

All encompassing. All online.


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Dr. Colin A. Harris. Ed.D.



Dr. Colin A Harris has an eclectic mix of professional experience in a number of different industries, including the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Defence, and other federal agencies in the areas of aviation systems technology, network administration, cyber security, networking, and management. Dr. Harris also worked as a freelance network engineer designing network infrastructure for midsize companies.

Dr. Harris is also a researcher, creator, journalist, author, storyteller, award-winning filmmaker, and businessman. He currently produces research-based commentaries on socioeconomic and political issues. 


Doctor of Education.

Specialist of Education

Master of Science in Management (Information Systems)

Graduate Cert in Management

Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Instrumentation Technology

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media

Professional Cert in Digital Motion Picture Production

Associate of Science in Industrial Management Technology

Associate of Science in Electronics Systems Technology



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