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Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Colle´ Kharis talks music, the Ukraine war, and gun rights and announces his new ‘The Book Of Colle´ Kharis’ Album

Colle Kharis | © Star Apple Creative Group

What time of day do you feel the most creative?

If we focus primarily on the time of day, I will say early morning. However, I tend to be more productive, lyrically and melodically, while exercising. Mainly during outdoor walks. I created some of my best work while walking.



Are there any skills you are trying to learn/improve to perfect your craft?

In creating my current album, I am cognizant of the trends, fads, and evolution of music and the industry. Without compromising my foundation, I have consciously ensured that my music consists of two main ingredients: the two 'E's. That is, it must be entertaining and evoke some level of emotion.

What are your opinions on guns in America?

My opinion on guns is very succinct. Every American should be allowed to bear arms under the Second Amendment. In addition, any reform or stringent forms of accountability should be directed at those who profit from gun manufacturing. In my judgment, manufacturers can solve most of the issues surrounding gun safety through engineering and advanced technological implementation.

Should we be helping Ukraine, and if so, how?

A progressive ideology grounds my socio-political belief, ethical stands, and philosophical worldview. As such, I believe in common human decency, and therefore I expect every capable nation to provide aid to Ukraine. Assisting should be the default reaction globally. From a foreign policy perspective, the United States has taken the appropriate approach in supplying Ukraine with weapons. Committing military manpower to this war could potentially exacerbate the situation and result in a devastating nuclear battle. Still, it is not lost on me the contrasting outcries and responses from world leaders, including the United States, in their support for Ukraine, a predominantly euro-centric nation, compared to other non-European countries that have faced and continue to face similar or worse forms of subjugation.

Name a song that has changed your life.

Bob Marley created a song titled War. It was initially a speech written by Nelson Mandela. I've always been drawn to this song since I was a child. Even though, at the time, I lacked the cultural and socio-political awareness to understand the relevance and power of the words fully -

"Until the philosophy which holds one race superior

And another inferior

Is finally and permanently

Discredited and abandoned

Everywhere is war Me say war." Robert Nester Marley

Would you rather be poolside, on a boat, or at the beach?

Colle Kharis | © Star Apple Creative Group

I prefer to be on a boat—specifically, a yacht dock in calm waters. "The yacht vibes nice," and I would have the option of taking a splash if the situation justifies it.

What dish are you bringing to the cookout?

Highly likely it is going to be a Caribbean dish. Curry chicken, perhaps. Wait! I mean chicken curry. [Laughs.] The Caribbean people will know what I'm talking about. Anyways, you can't go wrong with curry chicken. If it is around Christmas time, I may bring some Pepperpot.

What drink are you bringing to the cookout?

I generally drink wine, preferably on the sweeter side. So, I will bring a bottle of Passion Fruit Moscato or Rosato Rosso Dolce. Both are relatively inexpensive and are quite pleasing to my palate as well.

Are there any videographers, directors, or cinematographers you would like to work with?

Quentin Tarantino. His writing and directing style is so epic and identifiable that it is recognized as a genre. I have watched every film he has written or directed.

What is your catchphrase or motto, and where can people connect with you?

In life, I ascribe to the credo of "No excuses." I am also a proponent of education and believe the acquisition of knowledge is essential to the survival of mankind; however, individual survival is not reliant on the same knowledge.

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