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Colle´ Kharis Announces New Album "The Book of Colle´ Kharis" to be Released on June 9th

Updated: May 15, 2023

Photo by Kelby Walker

Fusion reggae singer and songwriter Colle' Kharis, born in Guyana, South America, has scheduled the release of his sophomore album 16 years after his debut, "Defined Versatility." According to a recent Carib Lingo interview, the new undertaking is titled "The Book of Colle' Kharis," with a release date of June 9, 2023.

The Book of Colle´ Kharis album cover

In the most recent Q&A for F. I. R. S.T Access, he explained that the album is a look into his life experiences, which is why he called it "The Book of Colle Kharis." The sounds of the upcoming album are described as a varied palette, mixing his signature dancehall lyricism and melodic roots reggae vocals with smooth acoustic guitar-driven sounds. The album is also infused with some element of pop rock and alternative R&B ballad elsewhere in its runtime.

In another interview, Colle´ Kharis shared with Sir Benzo that his songwriting style was more carefree when he was working on his freshman album, Defined Versatility, but he has since refined it to concentrate on culturally responsible messaging.



The artiste revealed that he is a bit anxious about how the album will be received, sharing with Sacrise that he sometimes grapples with the demands of navigating the music business as a self-managed talent, the pressure with a lengthy hiatus between albums, and his own personal difficulties.

Colle' Kharis used his own struggles as an example to illustrate how many of his military cohart struggle with PTSD and depression. His own experience with PTSD and depression was evident throughout the "The Book of Colle' Kharis" album in songs like "A Good Day," "Life of Purpose," and "Not in the Mood." These songs serve as an inspiration for those who are overwhelmed with life's struggles and in need of some encouraging words.

The first performance of the new album took place on April 26 when Colle' Kharis made a return to the stage at F.I.R.S.T Institute in Maitland, FL.

Photo by Linda Cantlay

With the release of his single "Life of Purpose," which will be accompanied by a music video, Colle' Kharis' upcoming album has gained momentum recently. The first single from the album, "Johnny Don't Cry," was released in May of 2022. Later that year, in mid-September, he released Tomorrow's Freedom, which was his unofficial hint that a new album was on the way.

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